Friday, 6 December 2019

Happy December!

The year is moving along and we have some exciting things coming up in December!
Please note the following. 
  • Ottawa trip registration forms should be completed and brought into the school a.s.a.p.
  • We are still collecting $5.00 donations toward our Family Fun activity basket as part of the Bayview Baskets of Joy campaign.
  • The Holiday Letter Writing Program is underway. 
  • Bringo is taking place again this year. Bayview is accepting donations on behalf of the food bank. 
  • Bayview will be continuing with the holiday singalong tradition during the week prior to the break.
  • On Monday, December 16th, Room 115 will be having a potluck luncheon as part of our ongoing community building. Please see below for information. 
  • The Bayview Holiday Concert is taking place on Wednesday, December 18th. Room 115 has some awesome performers taking part in this!
  • Friday, December 20th is the final day before the break. All the best for a Happy Holiday! 

Room 115 Holiday Potluck  

Our class will be celebrating the season and our community with a potluck luncheon on Monday, December 16th.  Students will choose a category for a type of dish that they would like to contribute. For example, they might choose to bring in a dessert, a side dish, a main dish etc. We will share the dishes and eat together in the afternoon. 

Every student will need to bring in: 
  • food contribution of choice, with any necessary serving utensils
  • labelled dishes - fork, spoon, plate or bowl and cup. Please do not send disposable dishes. Also, please also don't send in your favourite, heirloom dishes! 😉  
  • bag fro returning unwashed (rinsed) dishes to home
  • positive and happy attitude
  • great manners!
We are looking forward to a fun and happy day! 

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