Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Upcoming Assignment

The grade 7/8s are currently studying integrated science / language and arts units.  Next week students will begin to research and prepare for a multimedia presentation on an environmental topic. Grade 7s will be focusing on challenges within an ecosystems of their choice.  Grade 8s will be focusing on a challenge around a water system of their choice. This would be an excellent time to engage your child in some conversation around conservation and environmental issues. We are taking a solutions based perspective on this topic.

Connected to this solutions based perspective, all students will be asked to share with the class, an example of a "pollution solution" or an example of a"good news media" story. Examples could come from You Tube videos, newspaper articles or some of the great eco-friendly practices you may be carrying out at home. Oral communication skills will be highlighted during these mini-presentations.  Again, family conversation around these important topics would be beneficial to all.

Thanks for your continuing support!

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